An AU Alice in Wonderland RP with elements from the original books, American McGee's Alice game series, and Tim Burton's movie.
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We currently have 3 females and 2 males!

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Wonderland's Most Wanted!
The Cheshire Cat
The March Hare
The Dormouse
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We're All Mad Here... is officially open for rping business! We have plenty of canons open (such as the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and The White Rabbit), so consider nabbing one and helping wreck awesome havoc today ;)

♥ A warm welcome to our newest member, Blue Canary, with her adorable slingshot-extraodinaire, Josie. Have fun! :D

♦ We are hoping to get our first site event underway as soon as we have 10+ characters. Each month current Wonderlanders will get the chance to fight against The Darkness to try and save a Wonderland town. Up first: Vale of Tears!
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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Lewis Carroll


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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions    Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:37 pm

Are you active?
We've only just opened up, but yes we are! Or at least trying to be. However, here at We're All Mad Here, we realize that real life is much more important than the rp world. As active as us admins try and make this place, sometimes we are away for periods of time, both due to real-life commitments such as work and due to different time-zones. We are only as active as you are active.

This is a very topsy-turvy Wonderland!
Probably. Our site combines many different elements of various Alice publications. Though a large part of the main plot is the plot from American McGee's Alice and subsequent Alice, Madness Returns, our site is more lighthearted than the game, and while we do use locations from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, everything that happened in the movie is not considered canon on this site.

How is The Darkness plot being played out apart from it being mentioned in threads?
Every month we will hold a site event where citizens of Wonderland can fight against the Darkness to save a location in Wonderland from being devoured by The Darkness. Depending on the amount of participants and their efforts, a location might not fully be saved in one month and another attempt could be made at a later point to try save it.

I don't want to make a native Wonderlander, but I also don't see any London categories. How will my Londoner fit in on the site?
As stated in the plot, The White Rabbit is kidnapping Londoners and forcing them down rabbit holes to help both with Wonderland's population which has been dwindling lately, and to help with the needed army against The Darkness. If you're a human and aren't from Wonderland, you're fair game. One way or another, you'll end up in Wonderland.

Why aren't there any London categories?
Because the focus revolves around Wonderland and because travel between the two worlds isn't permitted. Only The White Rabbit gets that privilege. And Alice (though she won't be going back in a hurry).

Why are there three queens?
Because there have always been three queens, but The Queen of Hearts and The Red Queen have always been confused in popular culture. They are not the same. The former controls playing cards and is volatile and emotional, while the latter controls chess pieces, and is more strict, cold, and calculated. The Red Queen is also in a feud with her sister, The White Queen, while The Queen of Hearts is too busy playing croquet and chopping off people's heads to bother feuding with anyone.

Do I need to have played the A.M. Alice series, watched the Tim Burton film, or read the original books?
Not at all! We cater to everyone and don't require you to have any prior knowledge of the world your character has been thrown into. You will find bits and bobs about various locations to help you on your way, and if you really get stuck, we're always happy to help with questions. Plenty of our members haven't played the games and enjoy it here, so we see no reason why you wouldn't either.

I've never been on a Forumotion board before? Help! What's it like?
Forumotion is a lot like Proboards. We use similar coding like [*center] instead of [align] and regular sized fonts like 12 and 18, unlike Jcink and InvisionFree which use tiny 0 and 1 fonts. We have a basic FM FAQ here which should get you covered for the basics, but everything else, please just ask!

This questions list will be added onto; this is just a very brief guide! Any questions - please feel free to leave in here Smile
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Frequently Asked Questions
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