An AU Alice in Wonderland RP with elements from the original books, American McGee's Alice game series, and Tim Burton's movie.
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We currently have 3 females and 2 males!

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Wonderland's Most Wanted!
The Cheshire Cat
The March Hare
The Dormouse
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We're All Mad Here... is officially open for rping business! We have plenty of canons open (such as the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and The White Rabbit), so consider nabbing one and helping wreck awesome havoc today ;)

♥ A warm welcome to our newest member, Blue Canary, with her adorable slingshot-extraodinaire, Josie. Have fun! :D

♦ We are hoping to get our first site event underway as soon as we have 10+ characters. Each month current Wonderlanders will get the chance to fight against The Darkness to try and save a Wonderland town. Up first: Vale of Tears!
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 The Queen Of Hearts ~ WIP

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The Queen Of Hearts


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PostSubject: The Queen Of Hearts ~ WIP   Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:05 am



| basics |

nicknames;; Mi'lady, My Queen, Miss Moxxie (only her husband is allowed to call her that)
age;; Now that would be telling, won't it?
sexuality;; Omnisexual
marital status;; Married
home world;; Wonderland
occupation;; Queen
group;; Queen of Hearts Court

| appearance |

height;; 1.5m
hair color;; Brown
eye color;; Green
tattoos;; Heart tattoo over her left breast
defining characteristic(s);; The only really defining this is her clothing style
clothing style;; Is always decked out in some shade of red. She prefers dresses that are low-cut and revealing, skirts that are short, and absolutely hates trousers. She also loves wearing a red tophat decorated with feathers and playing cards.
face claim;; Katy Angel & Megan Fox

| the fallen angel |

personality;; Summed up in three words? Lustful, alluring and very dangerous. She hates nothing more than being bored and expects to be constantly entertained. There are times, however, when she wants to be left alone, so she'll go and create her own fun somehow. She's emotional and volatile, especially when she doesn't get her own way. On her good days she's cheeky and flirty, with a soft and seductive tone and a smile to match, and though generally her moods stay on the cheerful side, meaning that you'll be greeted with sweet nothings and seductive smiles, there are times when she will just explode, sometimes over things that seem to be of no consequence. In such moods she will threaten beheadings and other such gruesome punishment. Only the King is able to placate and calm her when she is like this.
likes;; Games, being entertained, flirting, red roses, croquet, anything red (especially flowers, berries, and food)
dislikes;; Being bored, white roses (only because red roses are so much prettier), fools, people not doing as she says
illnesses;; Intermittent explosive disorder
skills and talents;; Able to wrap males around her little finger (and the odd female, too), skilled at croquet,
family members;; Wilhelmina and Oscar Hart (parents)
other important figures;; The King of Hearts (husband)

| behind the fallen angel |

alias;; Calypso
other characters;; Alice, Harmony
how you found us;; Created you with Kenzie
contact information;; PM on Lewis Carroll account

| credits |
this app was made entirely by Calypso; quotes from Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland". Do not steal or take this credit off.
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The Queen Of Hearts ~ WIP
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