An AU Alice in Wonderland RP with elements from the original books, American McGee's Alice game series, and Tim Burton's movie.
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We're All Mad Here... is officially open for rping business! We have plenty of canons open (such as the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and The White Rabbit), so consider nabbing one and helping wreck awesome havoc today ;)

♥ A warm welcome to our newest member, Blue Canary, with her adorable slingshot-extraodinaire, Josie. Have fun! :D

♦ We are hoping to get our first site event underway as soon as we have 10+ characters. Each month current Wonderlanders will get the chance to fight against The Darkness to try and save a Wonderland town. Up first: Vale of Tears!
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 The Plot

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Lewis Carroll


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PostSubject: The Plot   Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:16 pm

Once upon a time, a young girl fell down a rabbit hole and found herself in a wonderfully insane land called Wonderland. Back then the world was peaceful, a sanctuary for those that had grown weary of the real world. In all its years Wonderland had always called to those it needed the most, poets and writers, mad men with a touch of sanity to give it life. Then came little Alice. Sweet, innocent, kind. She won over the Cheshire Cat, and just like that, Alice's fate and Wonderland's became the same.

As her happy childhood days went on, Wonderland thrived. The happier Alice was, the better things were in the world. When she went back to London, she would visit Wonderland every night in her dreams, continuing her brilliant adventures with the friends she'd made and come to love.

But life couldn't be all that simple. One year after Alice's first trip to Wonderland, her family house burned, with her family still in it. Alice was the only one that managed to survive, and wracked with survivor's guilt, the girl started going mad. She had delusions of nasty creatures like the Jabberwocky chasing her in an attempt to kill her, of the Red Queen's chessmen and the Queen of Hearts' card guards trying to drag her to the queens to stand trial for crimes she didn't commit. Soon after the fire, Alice was commited to a mental asylum, a place where she would spend the next eleven years of her life.

During her sessions with doctors, she tried to go back to Wonderland, a place where she had found sanctuary before. But as Alice's mental state began to disintegrate, so did Wonderland. A darkness spread over the land, intent on taking over all of Wonderland. The Wonderlanders tried to fight it, but nothing could stop it, and so they resigned to hiding, hoping and praying that one day someone could come and save them. Some weeks (days in Alice's world) the world would restore itself, giving its citizens hope, but ultimately it would sicken again. The Queens tried to reason with Cheshire to find a new savior for Wonderland, but it was of no use: he insisted that while she was alive, Alice would be the only one who could save them.

Back in London, eleven years had passed with no success, and finally, the doctors gave up on Alice and deciding that they were going to leave her to her own devices. At first she was glad to be rid of the place, but as the day progressed, she began to experience delusions again. The Jabberwocky Londoners were after her again, out for her blood. Terrified, she ran. She followed a white cat to the outskirts of London, where it morphed into the white rabbit that she'd once followed down a rabbit hole. Scared for her life, she followed him down the exact same rabbit hole that she'd fallen through all those years back and ended in Wonderland.

She couldn't see the damage that had been done. Everything around her looked as healthy and peaceful as it had when she was a child. It brought her joy, and somewhere in the outskirts of Wonderland, the land slowly began to heal itself. But the damage had been done. The Darkness and its minions had spread through the land, and though the land was not yet dead, it soon would be if no one fought for it.

Alice hadn't come looking for a battle, but she was going to in order to save her beloved Wonderland. But one girl is not enough to stop an army of Darkness, not matter how determined she may be. And so the Queens of Wonderland convinced Cheshire to let the White Rabbit gather outsiders, leading Londoners down rabbit holes to help build an army. Will she and her new army manage to save Alice's beloved land, or will Wonderland be destroyed forever?
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The Plot
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