An AU Alice in Wonderland RP with elements from the original books, American McGee's Alice game series, and Tim Burton's movie.
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We currently have 3 females and 2 males!

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Wonderland's Most Wanted!
The Cheshire Cat
The March Hare
The Dormouse
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We're All Mad Here... is officially open for rping business! We have plenty of canons open (such as the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and The White Rabbit), so consider nabbing one and helping wreck awesome havoc today ;)

♥ A warm welcome to our newest member, Blue Canary, with her adorable slingshot-extraodinaire, Josie. Have fun! :D

♦ We are hoping to get our first site event underway as soon as we have 10+ characters. Each month current Wonderlanders will get the chance to fight against The Darkness to try and save a Wonderland town. Up first: Vale of Tears!
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 Rules of the Land

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Lewis Carroll


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PostSubject: Rules of the Land   Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:45 am

♠ As of yet, we don't have a set site rating, though we are hovering around the r-16 mark due to the darker nature of the site. We have no set age rule, but do not join if you cannot handle adult themes, strong language, exploration of mental illnesses, and non-heterosexual pairings.

♥ Treat all members with respect, even if you don't like them. Any problems should be attempted to be solved between players first before resorting to admin help. Keep OOC and IC relationships separate! Characters hating each other doesn't mean their players should!

♦ All characters require a human face-claim portraying them, even if they are an animal or plant. All face-claims must be a celebrity. If the character you want to take doesn't have a star playing them, find someone who looks like them. It's not that hard.

♣ All sexualities are accepted on the site. 'Nuff said.

♠ If you are making a canon, please take artistic liberties in terms of their history, because clearly not all canons have their history completely worked out in canon. Don't just put some one-paragraph dribble that you got from the character wiki; elaborate and make the character your own.

♥ Although this isn't a hard and fast rule, our activity quota is one post per character, per week. Which means you're required to do four posts with each character a month. You are also expected to log in with every one of your horde and if a character goes a month without logging in, they are deemed inactive.

♦ If a character stops being active, they will be put on the Adoptables list for someone else to take without warning. Characters that have posted an app and have been accepted but have not written an IC post after two weeks of joining will be considered inactive.

♣ Your first two characters are free. After that you may not make a new character until you have at least fifteen in-character posts on your previous account. Game/communication posts do not count towards this. Alternatively you can buy an item from the shop.

♠ Our wordcount is 200. Having said that, please try to match the post length of the person above you in the thread, at least by half, because that is plain courtesy. Posting is to be done in third person, past tense, and posts are to be in English.

♥ Keep violence and swearing within reason. All threads involving anything sexual must be tagged with an (M), and we ask that you fade to black with the actual act.

♦ Refrain from 'godmodding'.  If for some reason you must 'godmod' another player's character, ask them permission to do so and make a note of it at the bottom of your post. Any villainous acts should first be discussed with everyone involved in that thread. For example, the Queen of Hearts can't trap Alice in a dungeon without her owner giving him the go-ahead.
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Rules of the Land
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